Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Love and Loneliness

"I've looked at love from both sides now"....   Joni Mitchell.

Down on the seawall in my town, a few blocks from where I live, the benches that look out onto the ocean have plaques attached which commemorate loved ones that have died.  They benches are often decorated at this time of year.  And the short commemorative messages can be touching.  "In loving Memory"  "Til We Meet Again"  .  Like the seawall that they adorn, these messages are a human attempt to hold back an Ocean.

Last Night I was thinking about that sad ocean of time  where everyone I have loved will die, or I will die.  or before any of that love itself dies.  

And the latter, the death of love in life is I think the saddest of them all, and there are no benches to commemorate it.  

And yet, love is such a crock that every year  millions of people fall in love with what? and then fall out of love when they discover what was not.

I have been blessed with love, and cursed by love.

May the New Year bring you as much love as you can bear.

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